Hi, my name is Simone Rizzo, I’m from Italy and I want to be an A-lister. You know, the kind of blogger that can single handedly change the fortune of a company if that day he woke up in a bad mood. I mean the Scobles, Jarvis’, Arringtons, Rubels, Macleods, Searls’ (that accidentally doesn’t seem to be as prone to killing companies as the others.. Doc, what’s wrong with you??? Go kill some companies!!!) type of guy.

I’ll do just about anything to become an A-lister.

Please note there’s a just about ahead of anything up there. If you’re not sure how far I can go, feel free to ask.

I’m aware that to get there I’ll have to be linked by the big guys. And to get links from the big guys, I have to get links from the mid guys. And to get links from the mid guys, I have to get links from you bunch of crap that are reading this.
[note to self: try avoiding using “bunch of crap” for the people you want to get links from in the future. We’re building up a community here, dork! You can still use “bunch of crap” for those who don’t want to link]
Yeah, and this can benefit you too! Because the more links I get, the more traffic, and the more traffic, the more valuable your link to my blog will be! This way your blog will get tons of hot chicks (feel free to change the word chick to anything you like, just remember to put the final “s” because there will be a LOT of the crap you want!) willing to do anything to be linked by you. And I know you like linking…

But there’s more. What happens when an A-lister wannabe actually BECOMES AN A-LISTER?
People, you want to know this…

Of course you might ask: why you and not me? Well, first because I had the idea while you were just sitting down in your couch watching your damn TV, and second because you don’t get to see many italian A-listers around, and I may be one while you can’t. Unless, of course, you’re italian too. In that case go back to the first reason.