I’ve been told the single most important thing to become an A-Lister is getting incoming links. Of course, to get links people must know you, and one of the most important things to get noticed is claiming your blog on Technorati. Now I know Technorati is falling behind to Google Blog Search these days, so my first choice was to claim my blog on the latter. You know, I like to be on the upcoming trend side… Too bad I couldn’t find a way to claim it there so I got back to Technorati. Anyway I guess this is enough to put a “google” tag on this post, so hopefully it won’t turn out to be a total waste of time.

As I was saying, I found out I had to post some code to get it done, so here it is! Technorati Profile [note to self: looks like showing some code knowledge is regarded as a good thing even when you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about]